Saturday, January 25, 2014

Time to catch up

It's been a long time since I blogged - lost my blogging mojo and found Instagram. Instagram is a wonderful way to share things with just a couple of keystrokes. Come follow me at brendastitching if you are interested. 

I haven't lost my stitching mojo and have quite a few things to share so I'll just let the pictures do the talking. 

Some of these ornaments were made by my friends for our Christmas Exchange. I stitched The Fir Tree. 

Thanks for visiting with me today.  Maybe next time it won't be so long between posts:))


Sunday, August 4, 2013

What a beautiful Sunday in August - mid 70's and very low humidity.  We really have had a nice summer compared to last year but I'm ready for crisp Fall days, beautiful Autumn colors and of course Football!  I haven't had as much stitching time this week but I did manage to finish this huswife by With Thy Needle and Thread.

Strawberry Hill Sampler
With Thy Needle and Thread
35ct Café Kona w/recommended threads

Because I'm SO ready for Fall I pulled out this WIP from last year and hope to get it stitched up in the next couple of weeks

I have some other Fall designs I want to get stitched soon and am working on my list!  How about you - do you have some Autumn things on your stitching plans?

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Finishes & Huswife's

Happy Sunday!  It's a beautiful very cool summer day in Chicagoland !  The perfect day for me:)

A couple of weeks ago I received some finishes back from the very talented Faye.  Look at these beauties:

This fit just perfectly on my quilt hanger.  It was a coincidence since I didn't give Faye any measurements ahead of time.

The Huswife is my FAVORITE finish ever!  Faye just did a stupendous job with the finishing and all the little details.  Notice the wool strawberry fob!  I keep this beauty in my stitching bag and use it every day:)
I was so pleased with it that I pulled out this Strawberry Hill Huswife from last year!

Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby and I found this wire shelf that is perfect to display my little pillows/pincushions.  There is still room for more (LOL)

As always thanks so much for stopping by and visiting with me! 

Have a great week!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sewing Bird

Good Sunday morning to everyone!  It's going to be a warm and humid day in Chicagoland so I plan on spending some time this afternoon in the a/c stitching:)

I finished this little pincushion this week. 

The Sewing Bird
With Thy Needle and Thread
36ct Straw
w/recommended threads (except I used Brick instead of the Valdani)
I just love Brenda's designs.  Have you seen her new patterns that she just released and the previews of the new patterns coming in August?  Aren't they great?  I just LOVE that Pink Sparrow Sampler!!!
Short & sweet today.  Thanks for visiting with me;))
Have a great week.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sampler House & Pins and Needles

I hope everyone is enjoying this last day of the long holiday weekend.  Mine has been a mixture of family and friends with lots of time for stitching as well.  I could definitely get used to short work weeks (LOL)!

Here are a couple of things I was able to finish this weekend

The Sampler House
With Thy Needle and Thread
35ct Straw w/recommended threads
My other finish is this pincushion by Blackbird Designs.  I found this neat trim at Hobby Lobby yesterday.  It has a strip of brown velvet down the middle (sorry you can't see it very well) and thought that would be a great finishing touch.

Pins & Needles
Blackbird Designs
30ct Putty w/recommended threads
Thanks for visiting with me.  Have a great week!

Monday, July 1, 2013


Jumping on the Bloglovin Bandwagon!">

Have a great 4th of July!


Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lot of Stitching Going on Here

Happy Saturday!  Can you believe it's almost the 4th of July?  I've been enjoying the long summer days and taking quite a few vacation days.  Spending time with my family, friends and doing lots of stitching.  It doesn't get any better than that.  Here is what I've accomplished in the last several weeks.

I received these beauties back from the very talented Faye.  Didn't she do a marvelous job?  I absolutely LOVE them:)

I liked them so much I sent her these goodies to work her magic!!!!
Dames of the Needle
With Thy Needle & Thread
35 ct Putty w/recommended threads

The Red Cottage
36 ct Vintage Meadow Rue w/recommended threads
Plum Street Samplers
Turkey Love
40ct Homespoun w/recommended silks
Plum Street Samplers

I also stitched and finished this little Patriotic pillow
Glory House Kit
Chessie & Me

I also finished a sampler!  I saw this at Country Sampler back in April and "kitted it up" just like their model.  I absolutely LOVED stitching this sampler -- the colors, the fabric, I just enjoyed every single stitch.  It's like a good book when you finish you feel kind of sad.  This is the way I felt when I finished this sampler.  I plan on taking it to Welcome Stitchery next week to get it framed. 

ES Spot Sampler
Of Female Worth
36 ct (unknown fabric - I think it's R&R Sheep Straw) w/recommended threads

Speaking of framing, I picked up Mary Roe a couple of weeks ago and am so pleased with how it turned out

Well that's it for now.  I'm working on another small design by Brenda Gervais as well as a larger sampler.  It's supposed to be cloudy and cool this weekend -- perfect stitching weather!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the summer as much as I am.  Thanks for stopping by and visiting with me.  I always appreciate the comments you leave:)

Have a great 4th of July!